Olelek Ranch House – Kajiado

Olelek ranch house is a log cabin located on Nairobi – Namanga highway, approximately 15kms from Kajiado town. The cabin is located 10kms off the highway onto a rough road, which is quite a distance from the highway.

A group of us went there on a weekend, from Saturday to Sunday, having left Nairobi at 11A.m. After taking two wrong turns (blame it on google maps our inability to translate the map and follow directions) we get to the cabin at around 3.30P.m. Too many stops along the way.

The first thing we see as we approach the cabin is it’s roof covered with blue roofing sheets, which to be honest did not do justice to the place. Something about pitched roofs covered with roofing sheets, especially when you’re used to seeing clay tiles and stone coated tiles, etc. on roofs. Sorry if I bored you there for a minute – sometimes my mjengo side gets carried away.

I remember thinking how the photos we had seen of the place had been deceiving, but guys, what they say about judging a book by its cover turned out to be true when we got a clear view of the cabin. The cabin is built with wood/ logs with some parts having stone wall cladding.

There is an obstacle challenge area, with sisal ropes and tyres. Being the climber i am, I definitely gave it a try the following day. I however gave up when i touched the ropes and felt how rough they were and considering how i don’t have the softest of hands, this should tell you that i am not being extra. I guess that’s the whole point of the obstacle challenge🤔🤔.

Moving on fast. We get into the cabin and the view is just breath taking. There is an open kitchen, a dining area and a lounge. The cabin has 7 bedrooms and 3 baths with two bedrooms located on the same floor as the kitchen and the rest located on the two floors below.

Each floor has a bathroom, and get this, the bathrooms are not fully enclosed. How cool is this. It was a bit difficult for me to use the bathroom at first as I wondered who could be watching, lol, but I got the hang of it. Adaptation🤷‍♀️.

The swimming pool is however small but deep enough and if you are lucky, you’ll find clean water in the pool. There is a balcony right near the swimming pool with the most comfortable couches .

You have to carry your own food though, which will be prepared by their own chef or you can chose to do it yourself. Carry lots of drinking water since the water there is just nasty, to be honest. Very light clothing also comes in handy as it is very hot.

Whenever you have a vacation plan or just feel like relaxing your mind, this place is worth a try😌.

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