Worst or most memorable day of my life???

When they said this would be a tough hike, we should have listened. When they told us to dress warmly and arm ourselves with gloves (you will understand why the gloves were crucial later on) we should also have listened. And when they said it would rain during the hike, we should definitely have listened.... Continue Reading →

Zip Lining – The Forest (Kereita)

Zip – line is freaking cool!! End of story. The fact that I got to experience my second greatest adrenaline rush so far, the kind that makes you cry at the end of it all, is what made it so cool for me. In case you are wondering what my greatest adrenaline rush experience was,... Continue Reading →

Aberdares National Park

A bunch of us left Nairobi at 6.45 in the morning and had an uneventful journey (mostly) to Aberdares National Park – we had a stopover at the Rift Valley Viewpoint and took a few photos. From Naivasha, we went up to North Kinangop and followed the signs to a tarmacked road somewhere in the... Continue Reading →

Olelek Ranch House – Kajiado

Olelek ranch house is a log cabin located on Nairobi – Namanga highway, approximately 15kms from Kajiado town. The cabin is located 10kms off the highway onto a rough road, which is quite a distance from the highway. A group of us went there on a weekend, from Saturday to Sunday, having left Nairobi at... Continue Reading →

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